When you need an effective drain fly solution, KNC Solutions is the answer to your drain fly problem. We specialize in dialysis clinic drains and have a very comprehensive process. We make sure the boxes are clean from the front, back, inside and out, including the floor drains. Because of our drain fly expertise, we currently work with over 80 dialysis clinics in the greater Houston area, and we'll gladly forward as many references as you would like. Should you like to give us a try at your clinic just to see the difference, or as a side by side comparison of anyone else you may be considering, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time. Even more, we offer additional office maintenance and repair services. We are sure you will find the quality of our work to be second to none.

Standard drain cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning the exterior of the wall box case
  • Flushing the drain line and main drain manifold
  • Cleaning the floor drains associated with the wall boxes
  • Pictures of treated areas, as well as potential problem areas which may require additional attention, as needed

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