Drain FlyDrain flies, otherwise known as sink flies, filter flies, or sewer gnats are tiny flies that live and reproduce in drains. They look like tiny moths, 1.5 to 5mm long. Their bodies and wings are covered with long hairs, giving them a fuzzy appearance. They are a persistent problem in certain types of environments where they find their food source abundant. Drain flies feed on bacteria. As a result, hey find drains where organic matter is flushed repeatedly to be the perfect habitat to eat, live, and reproduce.

You may not realize immediately that the small flies are coming from your drains. They are seen buzzing around in the air or resting on walls or surfaces near where they breed. The adults are usually more active at night. Therefore you might notice them flying around light sources or on walls. You'll see them in sinks in bright rooms.

Though commonly found in bathrooms, they are not known to carry diseases. They don't sting or bite, but when your business has a problem with drain flies, you'll need help. You'll want to eliminate the problem as quickly as possible because they are a nuisance to your employees and customers.

How we eliminate the drain fly problem

Because of their size, they generally have no problem getting through screens or sealed openings. They have tiny water-repellent hairs that make them almost impossible to drown. They are impervious to bleach and other chemicals that you may try to use to kill them. You'll find that all drain cleaners, and even pouring boiling water down your drains, are a waste of time and money in your battle against drain flies. Therefore, KNC Solutions uses a thorough mechanical cleaning of the drains that are the source of your drain fly problem. Our method removes their food source and breeding grounds, effectively eliminating these tiny nuisances. Regular cleaning by KNC Solutions will keep them away.

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